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We are your number one technology reseller.

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USIG fixed price repair quotes tell you the costs incurred so you can make informed decisions when replacing and repairing your existing IT products. Fixed price repairs are comprehensive, like our refurbished products, and covered by our global warranty.


ore and more people are discovering the great economic value that exists in second-hand network equipment. We're making it easier than ever to buy new and used network equipment together from a trusted source. Q-Products combines the best of both worlds, offering the highest level of service and quality.


Discover our Cloud services: Cloud VPS, Storage, Backup and Monitoring Services. A complete Cloud environment for developing your projects.

Spare parts

US Import Group sells to all types of customers: major corporate business resellers, distributors, value-added system integrators and any other intermediary. These clients span a variety of vertical markets and disciplines, and at USIG we understand these areas as well as what the supplier can offer them.

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We can help our clients solve real problems for their business, such as warehousing issues, long delivery times, logistics and budget constraints, with a clear implication to help them in their commercial endeavors. USI Group is proud to have positioned itself in the ideal place to offer IT products and services, world-class manufacturer certifications, and business process advice. We are as independent as can be and, for this reason, we can buy all over the world at the best market prices. USI Group has the technical knowledge and resources to supply its IT clients and thus respond to their needs.

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