Your Business Needs a Video Surveillance System and Here’s Why

Video surveillance can be a very successful tool for both business and personal.

Ask yourself how a video surveillance system can help your business. Do you need dash-cams in order to monitor security drivers? What about cameras strategically placed on your fleet? No matter the use case, video surveillance systems provide safety and security, as well as increase productivity.

Here are a few reasons why video surveillance systems are a good investment for your business.

  1. Improve Productivity

    When you hear the term surveillance you generally think of security, right? However, installing a video surveillance system will do more than just protect your business. Video surveillance systems are also known to increase employee productivity. How? Well, when employees are aware that they're being watched, they're likely to be more productive.

  2. Reduce Theft

    When video surveillance systems are monitoring internal employees and other outsiders, you can either prevent theft or catch the culprit with your video footage. New technologies are proactive and handle this especially well. As a matter of fact, mobile applications can tap right into your security system and alert you of any on-site motion. Real time alerts are sent right to your phone to deal with any issue immediately.

  3. Mobility

    With new surveillance technology, you can monitor the system from anywhere with any mobile device. Business owners cannot be on-site all hours of the day. However, video surveillance can! This allows you to monitor productivity while you’re attending that important business meeting.

  4. Educational Materials

    Video surveillance is not only used to reduce safety and increase productivity. Video footage is actually a great training reference for new hires. These live examples are perfect for showing new employees how to do a job as well as what not to do.

  5. Shopping Trends

    In retail, video surveillance can monitor shopping trends. More specifically, the route shoppers take through your store or which end cap grabs the buyer’s attention. These are valuable analytics that can help make future business decisions.

  6. Reduce Insurance

    Many insurance providers award discounts to businesses that have a professional video surveillance system installed. Why does this happen? Well, when safety measures increase, insurance companies see the benefit. Therefore, they encourage these initiatives and offer rewarding monthly discounts.

  7. Cost Savings

    Not only can video surveillance aid in theft prevention, but it’s also a cheaper alternative to hiring a full-time security guard.

Because of its many benefits, video surveillance systems will continue to be a tool of choice for businesses everywhere. Contact us today for a complimentary analysis.